Single is the New Black presents a new angle sorely needed in the self-help/relationship genre – one that counteracts the tired, clichéd messages women typically field, e.g. "You're too picky!You're too needy! You're too neurotic, which is why you aren't married." Single is the New Black emboldens, rather than blames, and encourages women to stay true to themselves, remain strong, and never settle.It asserts that single women are smart, sexy, savvy "catches" that will eventually get "caught". They aren't screwed up and they can stop berating themselves for being single – it just hasn't happened yet – which is perfectly fine because single is the new black! In Single is the New Black, Dr.Karin shares both relationship expertise and wisdom gleaned from her 27 years on the dating scene. Readers feel her empathy as one who's "been there, done that", while also finding inspiration in the fact that Dr. Karin refused to settle and eventually met and married The One.